Local senior care centers often garner bad reputations for no apparent reason. Granted, it’s understandable if you’re skeptical about putting your loved one in an elderly care facility. Maybe you feel bad about them moving out of a longtime home and into a place that’s completely unfamiliar. Over the years, plenty of misconceptions have surfaced regarding senior care homes. Keep reading as we debunk the top five.

  1. Elderly care facilities are similar to institutions – Senior care homes and nursing homes aren’t the same. Nursing homes, for example, are typically ideal for those having an anticipated stay of a few days or weeks. Senior care homes, meanwhile, suit residents looking to settle in and enjoy an extended period of quality living. More and more senior care living settings today encourage residents to converse with others, enjoy a chef-prepared meal, and engage in social activities on a regular basis. The term ‘institution’ described what was primarily available for the elderly many years ago.
  2. Elder care services are reserved for those who are confused – Contrary to popular belief, there is a wide range of residents in a senior care living community. Some may be mentally sharp but have some sort of physical frailty. Others, meanwhile, require around-the-clock Alzheimer’s care. It’s important to know that not all senior care services are the same. That’s why it’s best to research which community makes the most sense for your loved one. By no means should you settle for a place that offers a “cookie-cutter” approach.
  3. There is no privacy in senior care communities – The best facilities are able to balance adequate supervision and care while also honoring a resident’s desire for privacy. At The Old Oaks of Winter Park, residents have the freedom to choose between a private room or a companion room. Plus, since we keep resident numbers small, privacy is rarely an issue.
  4. Moving to a senior care facility precludes a transition to a nursing home – Many people don’t realize much of what used to be offered only in a nursing home is now available in most assisted living communities. So there’s a good chance that as long as you choose the right place, you improve the chances of avoiding the need for a nursing home down the road.
  5. Residents don’t receive adequate care – Every now and then, you read a story about inadequate care in residential settings. However, it’s pretty standard across the board for senior home care facilities to have internal quality assurance programs in place to monitor such care. At Alabama Oaks of Winter Park, our program administrator is also a registered nurse. So you can be sure that your loved one will receive the highest quality of senior care services.

If you’re concerned about transitioning your loved one into an assisted living facility, The Oaks of Old Winter Park has you covered. Our experienced staff offers personalized service in a setting reminiscent of a southern bed and breakfast.

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