We try not to think about the possibility that our parents will need senior care. But then your loved one starts to experience more day-to-day challenges. So you and a few family members take turns visiting their place, helping out when needed. Unfortunately, even this additional support isn’t enough. Now what? Well, it could be time to give serious consideration to a reliable senior care center. Here are five signs to look for when determining the right time for elderly care:Caregiver stress – You’re currently doing everything possible for your parent. From taking on errands to doing all the cleaning, your goal is to make their life a bit easier. Recently, though, you’ve been overly stressed. You aren’t eating or sleeping well and barely have any time for yourself. Don’t just ignore this stress. Remember that the more your loved one ages, the more difficult the caregiving becomes.

  1. Escalating care needs – There could very well come a point where the person’s care needs go beyond your physical abilities. Then ask yourself, “Is the health of my parent at risk?” If the answer is yes, then it could be time to have a conversation about elder care services.
  2. Home safety – Take some time to consider your parent’s health and your own abilities to care for them. Are they unsafe in their own home? On top of that, are they happy anymore in their own home? Maybe your loved one isn’t telling you that they’re regularly frustrated and/or concerned for their safety.
  3. Aggression – Those with dementia may show physical or violent aggression at times. It may reach a point where you or other caregivers may suffer or begin to feel resentful. Don’t continue putting off placement in senior care when this happens.
  4. Sundowning – “Sundowners” syndrome is defined as agitated behavior that becomes more pronounced later in the day. This is especially common of those with Alzheimer’s. Undoubtedly, sundowning takes quite the toll on caregivers and may be too hard to handle long-term.

The Difference of Our Senior Care Living Communities

There’s a certain negative stigma that comes with senior care homes. We hear stories on the news about neglect and poor resident care. This much is clear: the senior care industry has taken major steps forward in recent years.

The Oaks of Old Winter Park isn’t like the average nursing home. Let’s start with the fact that our communities lie in residential areas where quiet, tree-lined streets replace constant traffic and huge parking lots. Not only that, but our staff works hard to offer a comfortable, home-like environment for all residents.

Imagine your loved one waking up every morning in a happy, clean, and beautiful atmosphere. They sit down to a nice home cooked breakfast and then receive their medication from one of our caregivers. After that, your parent can relax in any one of the indoor and outdoor lounging areas. Maybe they want to spend part of the day reading or watching their favorite shows. Later on, they spend time talking and playing cards with other residents.

For more than 30 years, The Oaks of Old Winter Park has provided premier senior care. If you’re struggling to be a caregiver but are concerned about the quality of assisted living facilities in the area, we want to help.

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